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Delivery Information

We deliver throughout New England and beyond. Freight will be quoted based upon mileage, delivery location and truck requirements. Appropriate equipment and staff for unloading are required, our trucks do NOT have unloading equipment. If a Millican driver is detained beyond the allotted time period (2 hours for rack truck, 3 hours for tractor-trailer) an additional $150.00 per hour will be added to your invoice. A fuel surcharge may be added should diesel prices have a significant increase.

Confirmation of delivery date will be made one week in advance, excluding weekends. A second confirmation call will be made two days prior to delivery date, weekends excluded, to establish ETA and payment method. It shall be the responsibility of the customer to provide a proper company contact person for deliveries at the time of sale.

Orders rescheduled within 48 hours of a scheduled delivery will be charged a rescheduling fee equal to 50% of the stated freight amount. Trucks are loaded 24 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery date, excluding weekends. Should an order be rescheduled during or after the loading process an additional 15% of the total plant order will be charged to cover the cost of the unloading. The nursery will make every effort to accommodate the new delivery date requested, however it should be understood that existing scheduled deliveries will take priority. Orders cancelled are subject to additional cancellation and restocking fees.

We have a number of different trucks available for delivery:

  • 48' tractor trailers
  • 48' drop-deck trailers (lowboys) for delivery of large trees - These trailers have a poor turning radius, so ample room for turning and backing is needed.
  • 48' box trailer – used for large orders consisting of primarily containers.
  • 32' tractor trailer (referred to around here as "stubby")
  • 24' rack trucks
  • 22' Swap-body rack trucks – these trucks have the ability to place the body directly on the ground. They are very useful at sites where machine unloading is limited, however, adequate overhead clearance is needed to lower and raise the body. We also need approximately 56' of length to accommodate the truck and the lowered body.
  • Stellar Lift
  • 16' box trucks - used for short-notice deliveries of smaller plants

Having such a diverse line-up of trucks allows us to put your order on the truck that best fits your order size, as well as dealing with job site restrictions you may face. If your order is not large enough to fill out a whole truck, we always do our best to combine orders going to the same region to help everyone save a few bucks on freight. Our friendly drivers look forward to seeing you soon!

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